Vaccines: Before Mandating Vaccines, What Every Legislator In The Country Must SEE

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Here are two vaccines showing only a sampling of what is in GMO vaccines, which have degraded human DNA with the DNA of viruses and non-human species.

And here are reports on and reactions to those two vaccines.

From Recombinant DNA Vaccines

“What Paoletti and his colleague, Virologist Dennis Panicali, set out to do was to alter the DNA of cowpox virus by inserting a gene from another virus (namely herpes, hepatitis B or influenza)

“These efforts resulted, amongst others in the development of a commercial Hepatitis B vaccine which is now widely used. HPV vaccine is another notable recombinant DNA vaccine.””

GMO Hep B vaccine

DNA from cowpox, and either hepatitis B virus, influenza virus or herpes virus is being shot into the previously normal human DNA of most newborn babies in the US within hours after their birth.

Here is one result:

Reaction to a

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