Dr Staninger Proves Colloidal Silver Toxicity

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Jun 16, 2010


One of our readers asked: Please explain why Colloidal Silver products would not be effective against advanced Nanomaterials aka Morgellons. Essentially you have warned people of the dangers in the excessive use of Colloidal products yet you have not given any rational explanation. In fact, this article negates almost every other protocol except for Dr. Staninger.

This is our response:
Dr. Staninger has just submitted the proof on colloidal silver toxicity to the National Registry of Environmental Professionals. These are a very specialized group dedicated to reporting, monitoring, and tracking the enormous list of hazardous chemicals and toxins in our environment.

Within this report, she documented the blood work of 2 of her patients that were prescribed large doses of a popular colloidal silver product by their health care physician for treating symptoms that are associated with Advanced NanoMaterial Syndrome, aka Morgellons. (Included as well are 2 patients as control subjects ) Both patients using the silver remedy had very high silver levels indicating that silver will indeed bio-accumulate.

For many, many years the alternative medical community has been prescribing different types of silver products (colloidal, ionic, nutra, etc) in lieu of antibiotics for infections. Dr. Staninger is not contesting that these products will decrease the bacterial load of an infection. However, contrary to the marketing efforts of many of these products, it does not matter what type of suspension the silver is placed in, the potential danger is the silver itself.

She is specifically addressing two issues:

1) These silver products have an intermediary reaction with the presence of the Advanced NanoMaterials that every one of her 158 plus patients were exposed to over the last 4 years of her professional practice.

2) Both physicians and distributors are recommending very high doses for extended periods of time that will compound the potential for accumulation in the cell tissues. She advises that a dose should never exceed 10 days and she advises that you have blood work to monitor your levels.

If you believe you have been exposed to a nano enhanced, or a bio-nano enhanced substance and are exhibiting Morgellons symptoms, then she absolutely recommends not to take any metal supplement such as silver, gold, or copper, and the reasons are in her paper.

Truly, our mission is discovering what will safely work for the recovery of all conditions.
There should be NO HARMFUL side effects for regaining our health.

We have asked several individuals to provide the blood test analysis proving the safety of the silver product they recommend or manufacture. So far, no one has.

Either there is no response to the request after having several email exchanges, or they say they had them once but they are no longer on their computer.  (Wish I had one of those smiley face icons that had a very puzzled look on its face)

If anyone has the analysis monitoring the blood of humans using one of these products (not reports on chickens and rats) please send them to us and we will publish.

If Dr. Staninger can produce the lab work, so should the folks that are pushing the sales of these products.

And have an awesome day,

Healing Grapevine


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