Syphilis – A Jihadi Weapon of War?

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Throughout history mankind has used biological weapons in war from the tribes of the Rain Forests who would dip their weapon tips in dung or natural toxin to the sophisticated designer weapons developed in a modern laboratory man has, when required resorted to this form of weaponry to defeat the enemy or undermine a society.

A few minutes research on a search engine gave the following results:-

In 1985, Iraq began an offensive biological weapons program producing anthrax, botulinum toxin, and aflatoxin. During Operation Desert Storm, the coalition of allied forces faced the threat of chemical and biological agents. Following the Persian Gulf War, Iraq disclosed that it had bombs, Scud missiles, 122-mm rockets, and artillery shells armed with botulinum toxin, anthrax, and aflatoxin. They also had spray tanks fitted to aircraft that could distribute agents over a specific target.

In September and October of 1984, 751 people were intentionally…

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