Our Children Are Humanity’s Future: Is Our Latest Generation … Born To Fail?

Is Our Latest Generation … Born To Fail?

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Our children today do not even come close to resembling what I experienced as a child three short generations ago.

Most close to my age remember walking through just about any typical American neighborhood and hearing the unavoidable sounds of children laughing, yelling and playing … you literally couldn’t avoid it. We remember looking out our windows in the morning to see many children making the trek to their local schools, running, laughing and causing harmless mischief along the way. It is hard to forget the cops and robbers, cowboy and Indian, or the war games we played for hours on end with toy guns that fired darts, pellets and even BB’s. Were there accidents … YUP, were there injuries … YUP, but we grew up to be (mostly) mentally stable, healthy and independent adults.

So what the hell has happened in three short generations?

If the alarm bells going off concerning our children today are not deafening you … your may be beyond this article to reach …

YEA it is that freaking bad!

Here are just a few easy to find general statistics concerning this last born generation …

  1. This generation suffers the highest level of Autism, ADHD, ADD, Diabetes, Food Allergies, Cancers, Autoimmune Disorders, etc…, of any generation ever born, making them the most chronically ill (sickest) generation ever born. Due to the above researchers are now stating that this generation with be the first generation in history to have a shorter lifespan (on average) than their parents!
  2. This generation is tied to electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, tablets, smart TV’s, etc…, from the time they are old enough to comprehend the functions and operation of these devices, making this the most physically isolated generation ever. Instant satisfaction or gratification supplants the need or want for physical and social interactions which may often lead to conflict or disappointment.
  3. This generation suffers the age of Common Core education where a group of corporatists (not educators) designed a system of education to make all our children “common”. When the hard work of excelling brings you no more recognition than those who care so little to as to even try … the drive to excel is assassinated or pronounced D.O.A. (dead on arrival).
  4. This generation is in danger by over-exposure  to the most politically correct, easily influenced, crybaby, self-centered generation ever born … the Millennials. Colleges today have puppy and playdough rooms where those who are triggered can retreat for self therapy and comforting isolation. These Millennials are the new parents or influencing parties (mentors) to this new generation.


So what is the takeaway point here …

The future of humanity is our children, this is not a maybe but indeed a cold hard statement of fact.

Over the last three generations (since the birth of the Baby Boomer generation) we have witnessed with each succeeding generation, a steady and geometric increase in health related issues, as well as a definite increasing lack of independence, lack of social skills, lack of tolerance, lack of emotional stability (over 20% of all youth in America are on psychotropic or psychiatric drugs today), lack of preparedness to face the real world, etc…

As America moves forward it is not callous or far reaching to state …


If you/we are looking for someone to blame, do not blame these children because as with each succeeding generation, they are a product of their upbringing and all we as parents or grandparents have exposed them to, or allowed then to get away with as each succeeding generation continues to push the envelopes across the spectrum. No do not blame the children … look in the mirror and stare into the eyes of the guilty.

Over protecting, over reacting, under focused, guilt ridden parents, who basically (not all) ignore their children as they watch them slide off into an instantly gratifying electronic media world … the ultimate baby sitter as mom and dad either have to work two jobs or more, or really just are not (via their own upbringing) interested in constantly entertaining or mentoring Junior. And when they are called to task by an outside authority the attempt is made to make up for all the (self justified) neglect in one massive reaction. Today this is not the exception … but much closer to the norm as has been the progressing case with each advancing generation.

So the question that begs answering is …

Is Out Latest Generation … Born To Fail?

What I present you with now is just one such reason why so much of what is stated above exists.



Of Nerf Guns and Eye Injuries

“Nerf gun” not “Nerve gas.”

The temporary injury of a girl whose brother hit her in the eye with a foam Nerf gun dart has made the news, at least in the Daily Mail. Love or loathe them, the fact that they ran a large article and four pictures on this one incident (and remember “incident” is the word we use when nothing much really happened), is a perfect example of the way we look at childhood.

It is always through the lens of what could go tragically wrong, and what we can do to prevent that rare problem from ever happening again. Here you go:

Is your child’s Nerf gun safe? Foam dart from the popular toy leaves girl, 9, hospitalised with a bleed in her eye

EXCLUSIVE: Abigail Earnshaw was hit in the eye by a foam dart from a Nerf gun

It immediately caused a dark patch of blood to slowly form across half of her eye

Luckily the youngster recovered fully and has been left with no lasting issues

But experts warn the popular toys could cause someone to go blind in the future

“Experts warn” has got to be one of the main reasons we don’t let our kids do anything these days. What are they saying here? The fact that something hitting someone in the eye COULD cause blindness? Of course it could. But no where does the article mention this fact, which I found on Thrillist:

Over 445,277,777 darts are made per year

Enough NERF darts have been sold in the past five years alone to circle the earth four times. Some complete nut did the math and found the staggering, complete number of darts NERF has ever made. 4,007,500,000 since the dawn of darts. Wow.

So rather than saying, “Parents, relax! This outrageously popular toy gets kids playing, interacting, and running around,” it found the one in a half-billion time a girl got a temporary eye injury.

That is what parents are up against: A reality-warping view that sees any childhood activity as too dangerous to allow. Is your child’s Nerf gun safe? Is your child’s walk to school safe? Is your child’s ___________ safe? I’ve seen articles on everything from sippy cups to stuffed animals: Are they safe enough?

Hell no! Take more elaborate, expensive, time-consuming, childhood-stifling precautions immediately!

We didn’t get our sons Nerf guns until we saw with our own somehow spared-from-foam-dart-blindness eyes how much fun they had playing with them at their friend’s place. After that, our home became an arsenal.

This doesn’t seem to have made our kids any more violent and they still have both eyeballs. Actually, four eyeballs, between the two of them, knock wood (cautiously, after donning a baseball glove,oven mitt or other hand protection).

The above attached article (Of Nerf Guns and Eye Injuries) originated on Free-Range Kids and is republished here under “Fair Use” (see disclaimer below) with attribution to author Lenore Skenazy and Free-Range Kids


TLB: It has taken us three generations to create the perfect storm of destruction for our children’s future on so many levels, but if we truly care about their future, and thus by default the actual future of humanity itself, then consider this … It is still us who have the most influence in this youngest generations life and …

It is not too late for Damage Control !!!


Roger LandryAbout the Author: Roger Landry (TLB) spent about three decades of his adult life either in, or working for the military, with about two decades working directly for the Military Industrial Complex facilitating DOD contracts. His awakening to Political, Economic, and Health realities was less than seven short years ago. Since that time he has founded The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) consisting of over a dozen proprietary global websites, media projects such as TLBTV, and partner websites across the planet. He contributes regularly to multiple forums both in and outside of TLB Project. Most of his work can be found on the TLB Flagship website TheLibertyBeacon.com

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