Warning! If Ebola Becomes Airborne, It’s a Weaponized Virus!!

Published on 3 Aug 2014

Information is the best weapon against wrong doing. This video contains some treatment information. If this thing becomes a pandemic there is only one conclusion you can draw! We spent much time showing you this virus should not be airborne ever,in doing so we prove that airborn virus is weaponized.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ebola WTF – Did She Just Say Ebola “Attack” NOT A DOCTORS ADVICE…-Vitamin C protocol…. Prophylactic- The best ascorbate product is liposomal vitamin c but it is expensive… great adjunct to any vitamin c protocol… 1,000 mg twice a day as adjunct to heavier dosing…. Timed Released and Buffered… 5K miligrams for smaller persons, add about 1k miligrams for every 50 lbs body weight. 5k miligrams for 150 lb. person… So your daily doses are spread out. With food… -For any viral infection and added to your prophylactic dose already.
– Loading dose: 4000 mg in single dose of immediate release with food. Consume over ten minutes.
-2nd dose: Then 4,000 mg in two hours later…once stomach tolerance is demonstrated, this second dose consisting of 1k mg immediate release and 3k mg of timed release. So for active disease that’s a total of 8k mg over first two hours. -Buffered product is preferred. Not acidic please. If you do not have buffered only acid form of vitamin c is usually white round tablets or crystals; buffered with Tums or bicarbonate taken with the acid C.

Now you can do more consistent dosing of 4,000 mg every three hours for harsh illness and 4 hours for symptoms that have been suppressed.
-If this dosing does not hold you after your 2hour dosing …. then nose spray can be used using sodium buffered ascorbate powder only…. You can sniff this up your nose as much as you need and sends a blast into the blood stream. 1/2 teaspoon in 1/4 cup… just a squirt… if you use the wrong powder it will burn…sodium product only for nose spray.
(You must maintain this dosing to prevent viruses from coming out of dormancy.)
-Then 4,000 mg every 3-4 hours like a regular regime. Sooner dosing if symptoms are still persisting. If you have already vomited you will not be able to tolerate any vitamin c taken orally and you will reject it orally…. So if you get chills/sweats, headache and body aches, loss of appetite. that is when you need to take this protocol, once you vomit,it’s all over.
-This will become least effective the longer you wait to use it and becomes ineffective the longer the disease progresses. Once you vomit good luck in keeping this down. Sodium ascorbate powder is your best bet at this point.
-Peroxide: Can be taken with vitamin c just separate out for your stomach to tolerate.
9 drops food grade into 16oz of fluid… sip on this all day long…. Warning for: Type O blood and special precaution and Asian men for SOD deficiencies.
-If you are using peroxide by itself…. you will need 1/2 teaspoon in 16 oz water, 3x a day. This is not a cure. Sip the water all day long. DO NOT CHUG…Same warnings for blood type and ethnicity. Do not take at same time as silver…. it will ionize the silver.
-Colloidal Silver: True colloid is colored and will not cause discoloring of the skin…. Usually blue liquid… you need to consume 1,500 ppm with a little water on empty stomach 3x per day. DO NOT MIX WITH PEROXIDE! This is very good for water purification. I recommend you buy 10,000 ppm as it is cheaper and keeps forever…. so why wouldn’t you want a huge bottle.
-Vitamin D, 20k iu twice per day to counteract the glyco protein. You should take this prophylactically because once you get the disease it is already breaking down immune factors. Vitamin D is theoretical but logical. This is a circumstantial relationship…. google search Nagalase.
-Ozone: If you have a machine you can bubble oil for a day, bubble water for several minutes and consume all day long… Do not mix directly with DMSO. This produces formaldehyde. Ozone can be taken as a sauna, can be taken as an enema, vaginal insufflation raises blood levels as does rectal…. but if you have diarrhea… don’t think the rectal is going to be easy. Can be used with peroxide but not mixed together.
-Alkaline therapies will increase the cellular oxygen in cells. Heavier salts like potassium, zinc, silver, copper, etc.
-Clinical…. Gamma Globulin is about to get really expensive and in short supply… Larger dosing is recommended because Ebola shuts down and attacks immune system so the dose of gamma globulin should be given to kill virus so twice the typical dose is starting point logically, and as you get closer and closer to actual disease, the dose should be increased even further. For active disease consider two injections up to 10cc. with repeat doses until improvement seen. There is some controversy that gamma can’t be given to active infections but research shows it’s a numbers thing… too little globulin and too many viruses.


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  1. EBOLA: Airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected – Public Health Agency of Canada
    Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/ebola-airborne-spread-among-humans-is-strongly-suspected-public-health-agency-of-canada/#dGMokBCFFiwYMedk.99

    INFECTIOUS DOSE: 1 – 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans

    MODE OF TRANSMISSION: In an outbreak, it is hypothesized that the first patient becomes infected as a result of contact with an infected animal (15). Person-to-person transmission occurs via close personal contact with an infected individual or their body fluids during the late stages of infection or after death (1, 2, 15, 27). Nosocomial infections can occur through contact with infected body fluids due to the reuse of unsterilized syringes, needles, or other medical equipment contaminated with these fluids (1, 2). Humans may be infected by handling sick or dead non-human primates and are also at risk when handling the bodies of deceased humans in preparation for funerals, suggesting possible transmission through aerosol droplets (2, 6, 28). In the laboratory, infection through small-particle aerosols has been demonstrated in primates, and airborne spread among humans is strongly suspected, although it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated (1, 6, 13). The importance of this route of transmission is not clear. Poor hygienic conditions can aid the spread of the virus


    Airborne transmission of ebola

    Many people have been mis-informed regarding human to human transmission of Ebola. The Canadian Health Dept. States that airborne transmission of Ebola is strongly suspected and the CDC admits that Ebola can be transmitted in situations where there is no physical contact between people, i.e.: via airborne inhalation into the lungs or into the eyes where individuals are separated by 3 feet.

    It is apparent that the primary mode of person to person Ebola transmission is through direct contact with the body or body fluids of Ebola victims, but it is unwise to ignore the airborne mode.


    Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus could be transmitted by air between species.

    In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs to monkeys without any direct contact between them.

    The researchers say they believe that limited airborne transmission might be contributing to the spread of the disease in some parts of Africa.

    Now, researchers from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the country’s Public Health Agency have shown that pigs infected with this form of Ebola can pass the disease on to macaques without any direct contact between the species.

    In their experiments, the pigs carrying the virus were housed in pens with the monkeys in close proximity but separated by a wire barrier. After eight days, some of the macaques were showing clinical signs typical of ebola and were euthanised.


    Ebola death toll reaches 1229

    WHO working with UN to ensure quarantine zones get food

    Missing suspected patients in Liberia found



    Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/ebola-airborne-spread-among-humans-is-strongly-suspected-public-health-agency-of-canada/#dGMokBCFFiwYMedk.99


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